1) Sweetheart Cake Special:

photo (52)


From Friday, February 8th through Thursday, February 14th, we are offering our Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Cake Special! For $25, have an adorable 4″ sweetheart cake, along with a handmade paper flower, a “you are loved” magnet, and a handmade linoleum print Valentine by Hannah Dansie,   hand-delivered to your beloved in 28801 or 28806. Call to schedule your delivery at least 48 hours in advance. Choose from Strawberry Short Street, Vegan Mexican Chocolate, Sweet Potato Spice, Salted Caramel or Triple Chocolate Ganache (any of these can be made GF).

photo (53)handmade card by Hannah Dansie
photo (55)

“You are Loved” magnet by Hannah Dansie


2) Message Cupcakes:

vday 2010 003 vday 2010 004


All during the week before Valentine’s Day, we’ll have cupcakes on hand with messages of love.  Feel free to drop by, or call and custom order your Valentine’s message.

3) Heart Shaped Cakes:

mother's day 001


While we did not make the cake pictured, we do have some Heart-Shaped 8″ pans in which we can make cakes for your beloved!

4) Sweethearts and Broken Hearts:



A Short Street Cakes Valentine’s Tradition, Sweethearts and Broken Hearts are a way to express, in Cake, exactly how you feel.  Available in the case all through Valentine’s week.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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