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Hello Friends!  With wedding season just around the corner, and crocus and daffodils promising spring, (even though we’re still having winter weather) we’re getting so excited about participating in The Big Day!  The Big Day Indie Wedding and Celebrations Fair is a new project of our long-time friends The Big Crafty and Asheville Indie Weddings.  We could not be more excited to see the growth of these projects into a showcase of the best handmade, homestyle, and heartfelt wedding vendors (caterers, letterpressers, dress designers, florists, and, ahem, cake bakers) in Western North Carolina.  There will be fashion shows, performances, demos, and giveaways.

The first annual ticketed event takes place March 30th at Pack Place from 1-6pm.  Tickets are available on the website at and are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. The first 100 couples at the fair will receive SWAG bags full of goodies from local businesses.  Of course, Short Street Cakes will represent, as we enter our EIGHTH season of providing all-natural, Southern-style, scratch-made wedding cakes in the hills and hollers of the Southern Appalachians.

AND… we’re giving away two tickets!  Between now and noon on Monday, March 11th, we will be collecting names of guests who comment on our post about the Big Day over at our  facebook page (you will have to “like” the Short Street Cakes page to comment). At noon on Monday one winner will be drawn at random, and will receive two free tickets to the event!

PS: The Big Day believes in marriage equality and joyfully welcomes all couples joining together in love and family!

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 Today’s cupcake flavors are as follows!  Vegan + GF Deep Dark Chocolate, German Chocolate,  Vegan Vanilla,  Triple Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Porter, &  Vegan Strawberry. Plus a few yummy day-old flavors #Shortstreet #cupcakes #cakes #haywoodrd #avlcakes  One small Deep Dark (naturally vegan! ) Chocolate Cake decorated with icing rosettes ✨✨ #shortstreetcakes #deepdarkchocolate #chocolatecake #vegancake #rich #chocolate #customcakes #avlcakes #haywoodrd
 Hi everyone! Today's flavors of the day are gluten free peanut butter chocolate, vegan lavender, Pb and J, carrot spice, strawberry shortstreet, and triple chocolate ganache!  Today’s cupcake flavors:  Birthday Cake,  GF German Chocolate,  Ashevelvet,  Vegan Mexican Chocolate,  Triple Chocolate Ganache (regular & GF),  Lavender White, &  Tres Leches. We also have one small Buttermilk White cake available as well. Stop by the shop or give us call to reserve!
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