It’s back-to-school week in Asheville, and Short Street Cakes wants to celebrate by giving away one year of free birthday cupcakes to the staff and teachers of one lucky school!

Each time you purchase a cupcake, the school of your choice gets a point. Whichever school has the most points by the evening of Sunday, August 23rd wins the prize: a years’ worth of birthday cupcakes for staff and teachers!

(all K-12 schools- public, private and charter- are eligible to win. Short Street Cakes will deliver a cupcake to each staff member on their birthdays for a year!)


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 Hey folks !!! Today’s flavors are : Chocolate raspberry GF+V birthday cake Carrot Triple chocolate ganache Regular birthday cake Vegan carrot Blueberry lemon Porter Lavender minis Salted caramel minis Vegan lemon  6” cupcake 🧁 cake !! ❤️🦄
 Hey Asheville! Just a heads up that the shop will be closed August 3rd through 4th. Thanks!  Yes, we can add icing flowers  or fresh flowers  to make your cake more special !!
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