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Come Celebrate Mardi Gras with Us!

Thank you to the amazing Beth Schaible of 7TonCo for the flyer design! Please join us to celebrate the amazing past 6 years we have shared together, and toast the future at Short Street Cakes’ 6th Anniversary Carnival Circus Mardi

The Cake Shop is for Sale! And We’re Throwing a Party!

Dearest Loved Ones, It is with great excitement for the future- and with deep gratitude for the past- that I would like to share some really big news with you: I have decided to sell Short Street Cakes! I have long

Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

Our 5th Anniversary Mardi Gras Block Party was a wild success, thanks to our donors, sponsors, customers, friends, and supporters! It was the loveliest evening, full of bright and shining souls and smiling faces- and we raised $1,179 for Pawnstorm-

Barbara Swell’s 11th Annual Retro Pie Contest!

Barbara Swell is a gifted pie baker, an accomplished heirloom recipe book writer, and an all-around great lady.  Barbara hosts woodstove cooking classes in the historic log cabin on the land where she lives with her husband, Wayne, an old-time

On Community: Dorothy Day, ACRC, and Elementary School

When Duncan and I moved to Asheville from Georgia (by way of Boston) in 2001, we didn’t move here for the mountains, although they are lovely.  We didn’t move here for the food, and we didn’t move here for the

The Big Day

Short Street Cake’s 4th Birthday Mardi Gras Party and Benefit Raffle!

Update!  Our 4th Birthday party was a smashing success!  Many, many thanks to everyone that made it possible: Troy and Sons, French Broad Food Coop, Heinzelmaanchen Brewery, Peter Parpan, DJ’s Champale and Abu Dissarray, Glo Babcock, the neighborhood businesses who

Halloween Cake Designs!

This year, we’re having lots of fun playing with our all-natural colors for Halloween cakes and cupcakes.  We can render ghosts, vampire bites, spiderwebs, frankensteins, mummies, spiders, black cats, jack-o-lanterns on any of your cakes or cupcakes, and there are

Full Circles and New Beginnings: Happy New Year!

We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry. -William Butler Yeats, “Anima Hominis,” Essays (1924)   

Cedar Grove Pig Pickin: Cake, Music, and Homemade Love.

This is Keri. Keri and I were freshman college roommates at the University of Georgia. 17 years later, we are still best friends, and our children are like cousins to each other. Last year, due to a long, complicated, and

 #babyshower #shortstreetcakes #weloveyou #baby #cakelife #friday #yessir  We're open! Get out of the house and come decorate your own cupcake! We love you! We appreciate you! #828isgreat #shortstreetcakes #love #asheville #snowday
 Happy Friday! #shortstreetcakes #birthday #rosettes #pink #cakelife #yumyum  Dan is the bomb!!! #sarahray #portraitsoncake #shortstreetcakes #love #weloveyou @juleslaurine #happybirthday #nailedit
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