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Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

Our 5th Anniversary Mardi Gras Block Party was a wild success, thanks to our donors, sponsors, customers, friends, and supporters! It was the loveliest evening, full of bright and shining souls and smiling faces- and we raised $1,179 for Pawnstorm–

On Community: Dorothy Day, ACRC, and Elementary School

When Duncan and I moved to Asheville from Georgia (by way of Boston) in 2001, we didn’t move here for the mountains, although they are lovely.  We didn’t move here for the food, and we didn’t move here for the

Short Street Cake’s 4th Birthday Mardi Gras Party and Benefit Raffle!

Update!  Our 4th Birthday party was a smashing success!  Many, many thanks to everyone that made it possible: Troy and Sons, French Broad Food Coop, Heinzelmaanchen Brewery, Peter Parpan, DJ’s Champale and Abu Dissarray, Glo Babcock, the neighborhood businesses who

 Short Streets Selection today: Peaches & Cream, Humming Bird, Toasted Coconut, Italian Cream, Raspberry Almond, Vegan Chocolate, Chocolate Buttercream, Salted Caramel #shortstreetcakes #cupcakes #828isgreat #Avl #haywoodroad #westasheville #allnatural #veganism #bakery #romanticasheville  Geeking out over this frozen cake adam just made #nofilterneeded #nofondantneeded #allnatural #madewithlove
 We have so many cupcakes today!!! Raspberry Almond, Ashevelvet, Sweet Potato, Carrot Cake, Fresh Coconut, Bacon Apple, Salted Caramel, Lavender White, Blueberry Lemon, Strawberry Shortstreet, Vegan Peanut butter Chocolate, Vegan Mexican Chocolate, Vegan Vanilla Vanilla... lots of Vegan & Gluten Free options too. #shortstreetcakes #allnatural  So thankful for our short street crew, and the hard workers here. Check out this beauty @foliagebotanics decorated today. #hannahkillinit #weddingseasonishere #shortstreetcakes #allnatural #madewithlove
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