Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

Our 5th Anniversary Mardi Gras Block Party was a wild success, thanks to our donors, sponsors, customers, friends, and supporters! It was the loveliest evening, full of bright and shining souls and smiling faces- and we raised $1,179 for Pawnstorm- Hall Fletcher Elementary‘s Chess Team! Special thanks to our co-host and neighbor Urban Orchard Cider Bar!


Check out these pictures on Ashvegas, and these from our own photo booth:

I’m so thankful to everyone who made this magical day possible! Special thanks go out to Jessica Rosenkoetter, our GM, who put in countless hours and limitless creativity to make the party so special. Thank you to our production manager, Duggels, for tirelessly making King Cake after King Cake to keep up with our Mardi Gras demand, and then managing to show up in a smart Mad Hatter costume and party in his usual elegance and grace. Thank you to Lucy, Kaylee, Chloe, Alexandra, and Olga for making the Cake Shop a place of magic and beauty. Thank you to my husband, Duncan Macfarlane, for your steadfast love and support, and to my son, Jasper, for being my inspiration and motivation in all my endeavors.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters:

Howlin’ Moon Moonshine for donating Moonshine for the Cocktail and Glo Babcock for creating and pouring it, Highland Brewing for the keg, Peter Parpan for designing the flyer, and our beloved neighbors Wood and Spoon for feeding the masses! Thank you to DJ Abu Dissaray (aka Boomboxes Etc) for providing the sounds, and to our neighbors the Jarmillo Family for playing music across the street!

Thank you to these amazing individuals and businesses for donating items for the stellar raffle fundraiser (we raised over $1000!):

Lady Luck Flower Farm, Flora, Whist, Studio A, James Yaun, The Button Florist, Odyssey Ceramic Studio, Gili Air Imports, 7 Ton Letterpress Collective, Sarah Danforth, The Gas-Up, Forever Tattoo, All Souls Pizza, Asheville Glass Center, Harvest Records, Grass to Greens,  Buck Naked Natural Products, Potters Holly de Saillan, Lori Theriault, and Melissa Weiss, the Dry Goods Shop, 1000faces Coffee, The Circle, V I L L A G E R S, True Blue Art Supply, The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, the Asheville Flyer for Kids, Miriam from Bari Salon, Peggy Parpan, The Grey Eagle, Christopher Mello, Image 420 Screenprinting, Clyde’s Heating and Cooling, and the Hands of Sean Perry! My apologies if I forgot someone; please let me know so I can properly thank you!

Once again I am in awe and amazement at our joyful, resilient, strong community. Thank you for five wonderful years of Short Street Cakes! We look forward to many more!

Luck and Love,

Jodi, Duncan, Jasper and the Crew at Short Street Cakes



Short Street Cake’s 4th Birthday Mardi Gras Party and Benefit Raffle!

Update!  Our 4th Birthday party was a smashing success!  Many, many thanks to everyone that made it possible: Troy and Sons, French Broad Food Coop, Heinzelmaanchen Brewery, Peter Parpan, DJ’s Champale and Abu Dissarray, Glo Babcock, the neighborhood businesses who donated to the raffle, Carrie-Welles Craven, and of course, Duncan, Jasper, Lucy, Hannah, Alexandra, Joel, Douggles, Dan, and Jess!  We raised over $900 for the garden program at Hall Fletcher Elementary.  Happy Mardi Gras, 2013 y’all!

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It’s 2013: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Our King Cakes are available in two sizes, from now until Mardi Gras 2013, February 12.  Choice of 3 fillings: Cinnamon Cream Cheese, Strawberry Cream Cheese, and Praline. Medium serves 15 and costs $25, and the Large serves 30 and is available for $45.  We will have many on hand during the week before Mardi Gras, but we always appreciate an advance order!  Our King Cakes are always 100% all-natural and scratch-made.

Beignet Day!

I’ve been promising my little one that I would teach him to make beignets for quite a while now. But now that he is currently obsessed with “The Princess and the Frog,” a Disney movie set in New Orleans with a Mardi Gras plot theme and beignets figuring centrally in the story, he’s become more persistent. Today being Tuesday AND Mardi Gras (my day off coinciding with a holiday for once!) we decided it was the perfect day for Beignet making. It’s Beignet Day, if you will.

My mom taught me how to make beignets- most every Saturday morning growing up we would make them for the family. It always delighted me how the little fritters would flip themselves over when they were done on one side (if the fat was deep enough in the skillet), and making, and eating beignets was such a special treat that signified long, lazy pajama mornings. Making them today, and sharing it with my son, was a special treat, too. Here’s my mom’s recipe, and its wonderful. (we’re from Georgia, so we make no claims to be making authentic, NOLA-style beignets- my understanding is that traditionally, beignets are yeasted, whereas Sally’s is leavened with baking powder. Well, my mom’s recipe is awesome so I don’t want to hear about it.)

Sally Rhoden’s Beignets (or French Doughnuts, as her recipe is titled)

2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup sugar
pinch salt
1 tablespoon melted butter
1 beaten egg
1 cup warm milk

Fill a deep skillet with vegetable oil and set on medium high heat. (you’ll know the oil is hot enough to fry when a drop of water dropped into the skillet pops)

Sift together the dry ingredients.
Add all other ingredients, beat with a wooden spoon until combined but still a little lumpy, and drop by spoonfuls into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown on both sides. Remove from skillet, drain, and sprinkle (actually, douse) with powdered sugar. If you are out of powdered sugar like I am today, cinnamon sugar works just fine.

My first batch, the oil wasn’t hot enough, so the dough sort of broke up in the skillet and didn’t fluff up (but was still delicious in that funnel-cake kind of way). The second batch was PERFECT, making fluffy little pillows of soft, moist, light crumb. Observe:

The perfect specimen, along with one that was shaped like a duck:

The next generation of Beignet makers, eaters, and appreciators:

Joyeux Mardi Gras!

King Cakes!

Our all-natural, scratch-made King Cakes are available now through March 8 (Mardi Gras). Featuring a cream cheese praline filling, fresh, natural glaze, and Mardi Gras Beads (and of course, the requisite baby jesus trinket), our King Cakes come in two sizes:

Medium serves 15 and costs $25

Large serves 30 and costs $45.

Please place your order 48 hours in advance.

Happy Mardi Gras, Y’all!