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Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

Our 5th Anniversary Mardi Gras Block Party was a wild success, thanks to our donors, sponsors, customers, friends, and supporters! It was the loveliest evening, full of bright and shining souls and smiling faces- and we raised $1,179 for Pawnstorm–

Short Street Cake’s 4th Birthday Mardi Gras Party and Benefit Raffle!

Update!  Our 4th Birthday party was a smashing success!  Many, many thanks to everyone that made it possible: Troy and Sons, French Broad Food Coop, Heinzelmaanchen Brewery, Peter Parpan, DJ’s Champale and Abu Dissarray, Glo Babcock, the neighborhood businesses who

Play Every Day.

Last week, my friends Peter Parpan and Hannah Dansie decided to collaborate on a mural project on an abandoned storefront two doors down from the Cake Shop.  The inspiration for the design was an educational poster printed in the 1970’s,

 Close up of the awesome stands that were custom made for our cupcakes #newbelgium #1554 #fattire #citradelic #shortstreetcakes #cakeandbeer  Big shout out and thanks to @newbelgium for allowing short street to make over 6,000 cupcakes for their 25th anniversary of Fat Tire beer. Our cake crew worked through the night to make it happen, we couldn't ask for a better team! #shortstreetcakes #newbelgium #beercupcakes #fattire #luckandlove #bestteamever ❤️❤️❤️
 Big shout out and thanks to @newbelgium for the opportunity to make over 6,000 cupcakes for their 25th anniversary of the Fat Tire beer. This is a close up of a cake that @fruitcakesarah made. #sotalented #nofondantneeded #cakeandbeer #bestcomboever  2 triple chocolate ganache, Italian Cream and strawberry shortstreet 15% off special!!!!! Tres leches also available!!!!!#cakes#828isgreat#shortstreet#
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