Friends, I am pleased to announce that I have completed the first half of the Cake Ladies book. Thus far my soul journey has included: Open Doors, Welcome Tables, Voodoo Priestesses, Benevolent Witches, Cowboys, Farmers, Best Friends, Indian Chiefs, Belles-of-the Ball, Cherokee Grandmothers, Boys-Next-Door, Bad-ass Business-ladies, Great-Aunts, Adventures at the Corner of Pineapple Highway and Banana Street, Cupcake Fairies, Cake Shop Elves, Beautiful Homecomings, Getting Lost, Finding Lost Treasure, and the Milk of Human Kindness, among many other magical things. Not to mention the cake: Oh, dear God, the cakes I’ve eaten! I feel like the luckiest lady in the whole wide world.
I’ll soon embark on the next leg of the journey- the Gullah Coast, Chicago, and the Sunshine State. I can’t wait to see what these travels will bring- and I’ll keep you posted. Meantime, thanks to the crew at the Cake Shop for holding down the fort so capably and gracefully.
And thank you, everything and everybody, for the love.