Heads up:
The Bountiful Cities Project is hosting the 6th Annual Grassroots Revival this Saturday, December 13th, from 4-10pm. The event will take place at Pearson Garden, on Pearson Street in Montford. The Grassroots Revival is an opportunity for grassroots activists and organizations for social change to network about their projects, and enjoy one another’s company!

The Revival will feature a delectable potluck supper followed by a sharing circle, in which everyone will have the opportunity to share their work with the group. Please come down to share, eat, drink and be merry with fellow activists. Re-charge your batteries and remember to bring a dish!

About Bountiful Cities:

Our Mission

To create, on urban land, beautiful community spaces that produce
food in abundance and foster a learning environment for social
justice and sustainability.
Our Vision

The vision of Bountiful Cities Project is to enliven and
empower self-reliance, cooperation, and a stronger
sense of community through providing an opportunity
to grow, harvest and eat fresh, local produce.

We envision community spaces that serve as models
for sustainability through organic food production,
water conservation, ecological building, community
celebration, and cooperative economics.

This vision is becoming a reality at our two flagship gardens:
a permaculture-based vegetable garden on Pearson Drive
in Montford, and the Dr. George Washington Carver Edible Park
at Stevens Lee Community Center- which is home to over
30 varieties of fruit trees and an under story of berries
and medicinal herbs.

For more information go to www.bountifulcitiesproject.org.