This is Shannon.

We at Short Street Cakes are lucky enough to have Shannon this summer as our A-B Tech culinary intern. Shannon works really hard, gets paid very little, she’s committed to her program, and, while we are trying to give her a good, hands-on experience that will help her towards her goals of a degree and a career as a chef, we also feel that we have learned as much, if not more, from her in the few short weeks she has been here than she has from being with us.

So… I’m writing this post to encourage you to support Shannon and the A-B Tech Culinary team in their quest to represent Asheville in the National Championship of the American Culinary Federation. The won the regionals in April- this is quite an accomplishment! Asheville should be very proud to have them representing us. And with the support of their community, the team can represent, on the national stage, the truly great wealth of culinary resources we are blessed to have in this fair city.

That’s not enough reason for you? Well, let me tug at your heartstrings: Shannon has put herself through school, as a grown-up, and as a single mom, because of her love of food and her desire to take her culinary skills to the next level. This competition means alot to her. And we are so grateful to have her at the cake shop, and so proud of her accomplishments, that it means alot to us, too.

Here’s how you can support the team:
Follow this link to “buy a mile.” $8.35 buys you one mile and one chance to win from a selection of great prizes, including gift baskets and dinners out. For more information, go to A-B Tech’s website.
Thanks and Love,
Jodi and Short Street Cakes