This is Jess:

And this is Meredith:

Jess, owner and designer of Aria Floral, and Meredith, a designer with Aria, do a totally amazing job in their floral design. I always recommend them, and when they are doing a wedding, I am always more than happy to allow them to do the floral design on the cake. They have an extensive knowledge of edibles, use local botanicals whenever possible, and focus on sustainable design, which means they maintain a greenhouse with perennials and earth elements that they use continually for their events.
They’re also friends of the family, and I’ve known Jess for many years, since before either of us became mamas or business owners. (and I’m not being paid to say any of this). I’m just very proud of the caliber of work that they are bringing to events here in Western North Carolina.

For this wedding, I created a two tier Peach Cake with Raspberry Filling and Cream Cheese Icing, as well as four large round cakes in two kinds of chocolate, and one Italian Cream Cake.

Then Aria decorated them with a lush display of local blueberry branches, mint sprigs, and borage branches. Beautiful!

As I watched them do the design work, I said, “I wish y’all could do the floral design on all my cakes!” To which Jess responded, “we can!” It got us thinking and talking about how easy it would be to hire Aria just to do the wedding cake floral design, even if you have another designer or farmer doing your flowers. So if you are interested, contact them at:
828.682.9971 or
And I hear tell that they are looking at sourcing some of their flowers from Katie Grear at Lady Luck Flower Farm!