Anti-war documentaries showing at the new anarcho-bookstore/cafe, Firestorm tomorrow (thurs) at 6:30pm.

Discussion to follow with filmmakers and YOU!
Firestorm: 86 Patton or 48 Commerce St. its where Eaties cereal bar used to be.

See ya there!

The details of the films:

Asheville goes to War: Directed by local hero Shane Perlowin, starring the people of Asheville with music by The Black Lung Brass Band and the Ahleuchatistas. Asheville Goes to war is a feature-length documentary depicting events in Asheville at the start of the most recent Iraq war in 2003.

See your friends in a movie!

SHUTDOWN documents a piece of the continuous struggle towards social justice. Using the March 20, 2003 occupation and disruption of the San Francisco Financial District as a case study, the film casts a thoughtful eye on one of the most successful actions of the current anti-war movement, facilitated by Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW). Created to gain insight, inspire, and draw lessons the movie tells the story of how social justice organizers and everyday people came together to plan and shut down the financial district of a major US city.

The film includes details of what made the action successful, followed by reflections from DASW participants on the many obstacles and failings of the organizing model and organizing culture (broken into themes such as race and gender inequality, lack of long-term strategy, and police repression).

Using interviews, video shot by activists, news footage, photos, fliers and newspaper articles from the time of the events Shutdown exhibits the excitement, outrage, and drama on the streets in the Spring of 2003 as the US Government escalated its war on Iraq.
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