Check out this awesome article on the Bakery Boy Blog about Short Street Cakes! The article is so generous in its descriptions of the cakes, the Cake Shop, and my story; and great photography, like this picture, abounds:

I had a great time visiting with Bakery Boy, and the highlight, for me, of our visit was when he pointed out that the ceiling of the Cake Shop is painted “Haint Blue,” a traditional color for ceilings in the South (especially porch ceilings.) There are alot of differing theories about Haint Blue, but the general consensus is that it is a color that wards off evil spirits- some say by tricking them into flying out of the building, thinking they are under the open sky. I was really excited to hear that lore, and happy for the accidental magic of choosing a lucky color for the ceiling without even knowing why.

Thank you, Bakery Boy!