Now that beach season, wedding season, and death season are over, its time for: Pie Season! On Wednesday, we began a new venture: serving as the retail outlet for pies from Asheville-newbie-pie-bakers Pies in Disguise. We feel confident that these local bakers (who also happen to rent our kitchen for production from time to time) are creating pies of the same caliber and with the same sense of righteous traditionalism as we do our cakes. You can learn more about Eliza and Ben here, but in the meantime, I’ll tell you about the deal at the Cake Shop.
(and here’s a photo of Cake Shop fan Ada Volkmer, admiring her purchase of a Pecan Pie from Pies in Disguise)

Much like our cakes, most pies from Pies in Disguise will be available by special order. Also like our cakes, the pies require two days’ notice. And, also like our cakes, we will keep one or two in the case at all times so that you can buy a slice and enjoy it with your fresh cake shop coffee or cider. (more on the cider later.)
Here are the flavors you have to choose from:
Caramel Apple Crunch
Pumpkin Chocolate Truffle
Derby (bourbon/pecan/chocolate)
Sweet Potato
Maple Walnut
Nutella Strawberry Madness
Chocolate Stout
Key Lime
Banana Cream/Vanilla Wafer Crust
Honey Lavender!
Here’s how you order: Call the cake shop, specify your preferred pie flavor and quantity, and pick up at the cake shop on the designated day, during our business hours (12-6, Wednesday through Monday). Its just that easy.
Whole pies are $22, slices are $3.95.
But, he most important aspect of this whole pie situation can be summed up in one word:
You can now have your Thanksgiving cake and your Thanksgiving pies, too! AND, because we love you, we’re throwing in a discount to sweeten the deal: 10% off all simultaneous orders of Cake AND Pie totaling over $50 during the month of November! That means: one large cake and one pie for thanksgiving = 10% off.
Your friends will be impressed! Your enemies will be chagrined!
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