A few weeks ago, I called my friend David Alexander to commission him to do a Christmas window display for the Cake Shop. I remembered his over-the-top, Tokyo-Teen-Dream holiday decorations for Marcos when we both used to work there, and thought he could pull something cute together for the Cake Shop. Something simple, I said. Vintage-y. I said. Christmas-y. no big deal.
To my surprise and delight, he and Christopher showed up on Monday with boxes of homemade fabric cupcakes (made by David and his mom), a child-sized mannequin with a cake for a head, vintage candy canes, wrapped christmas presents, vintage ornaments, garlands, a wreath with homemade felt cupcakes, and an aluminum Christmas tree with color wheels.
Here’s my way-longer-than-it-needs-to-be-because-I’m-so-excited Photo Essay. Also, any tips on how to enter the WABA Christmas Window Display contest without actually being a member of WABA- or having paid to be a part of “Shop West Asheville”- would be greatly appreciated.
David, thank you so much for letting your beautiful holiday vision shine. Friends, come by and see us, and vote for us for your favorite Holiday Window Display in West Asheville! xo

Much love.

PS- It’s even cooler up close and personal.