Hello Friends Far and Near!
I hope this lovely June finds you all well.
I am writing to give y’all an update on the status of the much-anticipated Short Street Cakes Cakeshop. As many of you know, I have been in discussion with the owners of the building at 428 Haywood Road in West Asheville for some time now about creating a cakeshop there, across from Harvest Records in the newly burgeoning neighborhood fondly referred to as “East-West Asheville.” Well, friends, it is not to be. It turns out that it is just not the right fit for a food/coffee establishment, and I think it has been rented to a design company. But! Do not dispair! This is actually very good news. For one, I am really grateful for the experience and knowledge I gained from working hard to negotiate a lease. And for two, it means that the PERFECT spot for Short Street Cakes’ Cakeshop has yet to be found! So- are you an East-West Ashevillian hankering for a cupcake? keep your eyes peeled for the perfect spot and give me a heads up! Or perhaps you think that the perfect spot is on Lexington? Or down by the river? Or right here at home in Montford? Where do YOU want a cakeshop? Let me know. I’m all ears, and I’m really excited to expand my capacity and have a shop to see all your lovely faces in.
In the meantime, its June, which means Wedding Season Craziness, so I’m actually a little relieved to not be working on a lease right this minute and to instead focus on making beautiful cakes right here on Short Street. And in July and August, as we look for the perfect spot, I’ll be happy to catch up on some long-overdue work, like updating my menu with new and exciting flavors, putting pretty pictures and ideas on my blog, and maybe even taking a hike and a swim or two with Jasper and Duncan. Thank you, as always, for your love and support. Short Street Cakes started as a small creative project and now is a growing and thriving business! And I could not have done it without my family, my friends, my community, and my baker colleagues! Y’all are the best. I’m one lucky cake lady.
Much Love,
ps I’ve attached a picture of a wedding cake I did last weekend at Lake Lure. Floral design by Aria Floral Design Studio, www.blueridgeflowers.com. They’re the best! This picture features one of their fabulous floral designers, Merideth Law. Photobucket