Hi Friends!
Cakesgiving was overwhelmingly exhilarating, super fun, and totally exhausting. Thank you so much for all the Cake Shop Love! We had a record day on Wednesday. Here’s what our production list looked like:

That’s right, we baked over 17 flavors. We kicked ass.
I enjoyed harassing my co-workin’ friends at the cake shop, like Nathanael and Anna:

and to top it all off, they put my picture on the cover of the Mountain Xpress!

So I’m feeling a little bit famous, even though the article was about Thanksgiving Turkey, not Cakesgiving or Cake (though there was a mention of Cakesgiving in Small Bites– Thanks, Mackensy and Mountain Xpress!).

We’ve had a great few weeks since Halloween and Day of the Dead- including two great events at Malaprops Bookstore-
The Local Foods Cook-off Rocked, and, as a judge, I got to eat the winning entry for dinner: a super-yummy all-local veggie quiche!

Then, I was lucky enough to meet (and introduce) Nancie McDermott when she came to town to promote her new book, Southern Pies (which came on the heels of her 2004 release, Southern Cakes– an awesome compendium of traditional cake recipes).

Nancie was delightful and baked a ton of pies for us to taste. So, lots of eating in the bookstore this week. Thanks, Nancie, and Malaprops!

I’m also looking forward to a break:

The Cake Shop will be Closed for Thanksgiving Break until Wednesday, December 1st!

Feel free to call the cake shop at 828.505.4822 and place an order for Wednesday or later on the voice mail; someone will call you back to confirm your order on Tuesday. Okay? Okay.

And once we get all rested up, we’ll be ready to tell you all about our Holiday Specials.

So, I’m signing off for a week or so, but before I do, let me just say that this Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for my family, my Cake Shop family, and this beloved community that I feel blessed to be a part of.

Happy Thanksgiving!