I love a library.
I love a librarian.
In fact, I’ve loved many a library- and librarian- in my life… and count many librarians among my friends and heroes. (basically, Jen Cwiok, I’m talkin’ to you.) So when Meg from the Downtown Library asked me to donate a few dozen cupcakes to the DIY fest she was planning at the library in conjunction with the Guerrilla Girls thing at the art museum, I was like, hell yeah!
So I went, and brought the cupcakes (oh, they were vegan chocolate with a vegan vanilla pastry cream filling, by the way- sorry, didn’t get any pictures of the cupcakes, too excited about the librarians). And there were cool workshops set up for blogging and knitting and zine making and they showed a film and THEN- I got to screenprint a shirt for the very first time in my life! And i got to keep the shirt! And this really sweet and lovely children’s librarian named Lauren Biehl showed me how to do it. And, Ashley Halsey took the photos.
Thanks, Pack Memorial Library!