I got a visit today at the cake shop from a bride from last fall, Nesiya. She, her mom, and her nephews came in for cupcakes and to order a birthday cake for her grandmother. We got to catch up on life since her October wedding last year, and then she sent me some wedding cake pictures that I hadn’t yet seen (like the one above). it was so great to see Nesiya, and it made me think about all the brides and families that supported me in the early days before the cake shop- when I was baking cakes at home in my tiny kitchen with Jasper underfoot. Freddy and Nesiya were so wonderful to work with- Nesiya loves butterflies, so we did a butterfly motif on her cake- and hers is one of the rare square cakes that I have done- a little bit more of a challenge (those corners take time!) Happy Anniversary to Nesiya and Freddy, and thank you to all the Asheville Mamas, Brides, and friends that took a chance on me. Much Love.