The Cake:

From Sunday, November 20 through Thanksgiving Day, Short Street Cakes will be offering four of our best-loved flavors of cake at a reduced price and available for pick up without an advance order! Dozens of Medium-Sized (2-layer 8″) Mexican Chocolate, Italian Cream Cake, Strawberry Short Street, and Pumpkin Spice Cakes will be on hand every day during Thanksgiving Week, and they’ll be ON SALE at $28 apiece. Our regular menu will also be available, at regular prices, with the regular minimum two days’ notice.

Short Street Cakes will also be offering Pies by Emilou and Cheesecakes by Rachel’s Delectables by advance order, to add beauty, variety and handmade glory to your Thanksgiving table.   All Thanksgiving week orders must be received by phone at the Cake Shop by 2pm on Sunday, November 20.

The Pie:

Emilou is one of our hardcore Cake Ladies here at Short Street Cakes.  She’s been leading the bakeshifts on the busiest Fridays and Saturdays for over a year, and now she’s venturing out to create a menu of her own: a wide range of classic Southern pie flavors for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Chess Pie $13

Chocolate Meringue Pie: $20

Sweet Potato Pie: $20

Coconut Cream Pie: $20

Apple Pie: $20

Pumpkin Pie: $20

Chocolate Angel Pie: $20

Pecan Pie: $27


The Cheesecake:

We are also offering large 10″ Cheesecakes by local baker Rachel Vickers, mom and owner of Rachel’s Delectables!  The prices are as follows and all orders must be in by 2pm on Sunday, November 20.

Cranberry Apple Cheesecake: $44.95

Classic Cheesecake: $38.95

Pumpkin Cheesecake: $44.95

Caramel Apple Cheesecake: $48.95
Cakesgiving Hours:
Sunday, November 20, 10am til 2pm, Monday, Tuesday and Wendnesday, 8am-6pm, and 10-noon on Thanksgiving Day.  We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from Friday, November 25 through Sunday, November 27, re-opening on Monday, November 28.  Call us at 828.505.4822 to order or if you have any questions!

Thanks and Love,

Short Street Cakes