Happy Mother’s Day!
I’m feeling very special… as if it weren’t enough that I have the coolest 2 year old on the planet to hang out with, and a babydaddy who’s my best friend, yesterday said son and husband gave me my very own copy of Kill Bill Vol. I and II, and a gift certificate to Honeypot. And as if THAT wasn’t enough, this morning I got my own little gift basket of mother’s day love, in the form of Bake and Destroy gear. I also got to sleep in, take a long bath, and got pancake breakfast. No you can’t have it. Any of it. Its MINE.
For those of you not familiar: Bake and Destroy is the blog/brand identity of Ms. Natalie Slater of Chicago, mama, writer, blogger, baker and destroyer. She makes cool stuff and sells it on Etsy. Check her out, give a mama some love.

And thank you so much, Duncan and Jasper. I’m one lucky lady to have you two in my life.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to give big love to my own mama, a wonderful Mimi to my son, and the lady who taught me how to bake, and send thank-you notes, as well as all those other important life skills like walking, talking, eating, using the potty- you know, the stuff your mom teaches you that you don’t really think about. Thanks mom! We love you!