Recently, I was approached by the Hindsight Bride, a local blogger who is FER SERIOUS about her blog. She wanted to do videos of Short Street Cakes, and post them on her blog about Western North Carolina DIY wedding style. As a Leo, I love to be on camera, so naturally, I agreed. I knew that Hindsight Bride (we’ll call her HB) had a nice blog; what I didn’t know is how stylish, professional, consistent, technically savvy, and dedicated she is as a blogger. Her blog, Hindsight Bride, is smart, hip, and pretty, like HB herself. She came to the shop, interviewed me, and created these three videos:

Interview with Jodi Rhoden of Short Street Cakes from Hindsight Bride on Vimeo.

Southern Cakes Explained from Hindsight Bride on Vimeo.

Short Street Cakes- What to Expect from Hindsight Bride on Vimeo.

Thank you, Hindsight Bride! I can’t wait to see what you will dream up next…