And this blog will never be the same. Observe:

(do you love the tupperware?)

My mom recently gave me this copy of the 4th annual cookbook supplement to the Walton Tribune (Walton County, Georgia; County Seat: Monroe, the town where my mother is from). Apparently in 1973 my grandmother (Mrs. Julian Brown) made a kick-ass Chicken and Asparagus. But this cookbook is full of gems. I particularly enjoy when “Sardines and Celery Join Forces”:

But lets not kid ourselves. You know and I know that we are all here for the cake. So here it is, including a cooked icing for Red Velvet, and an old-school recipe for Red Velvet. (yes, you are reading correctly, it calls for 2 (1-oz) bottles of food coloring. That’s why I don’t mess with that shiz). But for posterity:

And I will now leave you with my favorite entry from this book:

That’s what I’m talking about.
Oh, and a little bibliomancy:
“Spoil yourself with Something Truly Beautiful- you’ll never regret it.”