This is local artist Hannah Dansie, who also happens to work at the Cake Shop (lucky us!) I first met Hannah almost two years ago, when she was a vendor in our Craft Market, Howard Street Handmade. There she sold beauty in multiple forms under the name of Two of Hearts.

Hannah, among many other things, crochets, makes buttons and pins, and is a painter. She creates works like this painting:

And this painting, behind her candy display at the Cake Shop (we’ll get to that in a minute):

And, now, lucky us, Two of Hearts has been making things to sell at the Cake Shop!

These Amazing Paper Flowers:

And These Amazing Magnets!

Next time you come in the Cake Shop, pick up a little gift, a paper flower or handmade card to go with your cake, perhaps! And come back soon, because she’s working on new ideas for more handmade loveliness for the Cake Shop. Yay!

But, that’s not all. As if all that weren’t enough, she’s been working on another project: her new local, handmade, all-natural line of Candy, Sugar Two Shoes!

Hannah debuted her new business at the winter Big Crafty, and the response was immediate and huge: people want their candy!

Sugar Two Shoes offers a variety of lollipops and hard candies, in ridiculously good flavors such as: Black Cherry Rose, Raspberry Almond, Banana Cream, and Egg Nog. She’s making up more tomorrow, so come by the Cake Shop on Wednesday and see what new beautiful treats await!

Hannah is renting the kitchen at the Cake Shop for her candy production, and I’m so excited that Hannah has chosen to display and sell her candy at the Cake Shop, too! I am also really excited that the Cake Shop is living the dream of supporting small-scale crafting (craftivism?) towards entrepreneurship and empowerment, especially for women.

Thanks, Hannah! You rock and we love you.