Last week, my friends Peter Parpan and Hannah Dansie decided to collaborate on a mural project on an abandoned storefront two doors down from the Cake Shop.  The inspiration for the design was an educational poster printed in the 1970’s, which Hannah, like many others, remembers from her childhood.  With minimal investment of time and materials, they were able to create a very beautiful work of art on a large scale.  It was so beautiful to witness the process, and all of the cheesy things you may have heard people say about the transformative and magical nature of art in community cannot be underestimated, and, I have come to understand, are very true.  Very special thanks is due to Lucy, Jeremy, and Duncan for helping out on the hottest day of the year to get ‘er done.  (photo gallery after the jump)

The Poster:

The Wall:

The Mural:

The pictures I took while it was happening:

The block: