The “Fingers” show last night was delightful! Magical, dreamy, sweet. We look forward to hosting many more low-key, pretty events in that space this season and beyond.

AND, the night before, I got to see Will Oldham play at the Grey Eagle. It was Duncan’s birthday present. And I gave him a cake (via the Harvest Lovelies). And then, he thanked me. On stage. And then, we met him. And Jaye Bartell got to give him a copy of his CD. (Jaye Bartell, AKA Pilgrim, who is going to open for Smog on June 10 [???] dang.) I felt really grateful for the chance to meet him, really happy about what a gracious person he is, and, most of all, grateful for the music that he has made that has been a part of my life for 12 years or so now.

Jaye with Will Oldham:

And Me and Will Oldham, talking about Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Chess Pie, Elyse Manning, and Jaye Bartell.