Check out the Mountain Xpress’ roundup of local businesses featuring dishes with bacon here, and below I’m reposting the Asheville Citizen-Times Young Professional of the Week Profile (featuring yours truly). We’re psyched for all the great media coverage we’ve received!

Young Professional Profile: Jodi Rhoden of Short Street Cakes

Jodi Rhoden



What I do at work:
I am the owner of Short Street Cakes in West Asheville, which started in my home four years ago. I bake Southern-style, all-natural birthday cakes, wedding cakes and cupcakes.

What I do on my time:
I am Mom to a totally rad 4-year-old boy, so I spend lots of time doing laundry and talking about outer space and dinosaurs. I commit my community time to serving on the board of The Bountiful Cities Project, which works to promote food security and urban agriculture in Asheville. I’m also interested in documenting and preserving food traditions of the region.

Why I work and live in the Asheville area:
I moved here from Georgia with a degree in social work 10 years ago, hoping to be part of the nonprofit world here. I was soon too busy with grassroots community work and mostly waited tables to subsidize that work. As a mom, I discovered that the best way to make a livelihood here is to create your own way, and I love and appreciate the sense of loyalty that the Asheville community has to its mom-and-pop businesses.

My WNC secret:
I love Marco’s pizzeria with all my heart. Not only do they make a great pie, but when I was a waitress there with a baby at home and a fledgling business, they were my strongest support network. I also love and appreciate Mountain BizWorks and the YWCA for their help and support along the way.

I’d love to have lunch with:
I would have loved the opportunity to have lunch with the late, great Edna Lewis, one of my culinary heroes. Actually, I would have loved the opportunity to make
lunch with Edna Lewis.

Blackberry or iPhone?
Face to face.