I am so freaking excited for spring that I’m wearing the brightest lemon yellow sweater I’ve ever seen in my life! (just my little way of celebrating spring when its still 28 degrees in these here hills). But I’ve been eagerly watching the crocuses, quince, forsythia, hyacinth, and even cherry blossoms bloom over the last week, and it stirs my heart and brightens my mind.
Here’s some other things that have been inspiring me lately:

1) Jasper at the cake shop. Can you believe how GIGANTIC he is? How did he get so grown up? It kind of freaks me out. I love our days together at the cake shop. I think he’s taken a shine to baking, and it makes me so happy. (although far less inspiring is the crappy camera I got to replace the fancy one I used to have, that got run over by a school bus two days after I left it on top of the car, but that’s another story.)

2) Bake it Pretty and every little thing.

I met Amanda at the Big Crafty, and fell in love with her cupcake toppers and baking supplies. We’re lucky that she moved her web shop and family to our town! Her blogs are awesome, too (she has a baking blog and a personal blog), and she happens to like the Cake Shop, too.

3) The Runaway Circus!
If you come to the Cake Shop tomorrow between noon and 3, I won’t be here, because I want to take Jasper the Runaway Circus! I haven’t seen them perform yet, and I’m so excited! Sadye and the other Cirqueistas are highly trained, Serious Clowns. I can’t wait!

hmmm… what else… Oh, yeah!
Howard Street Handmade!

Today! 11 to 5. I’m so excited! Yay, Spring!