A pre-design preview of our new menu: including- Some Familiar Flavors, plus some new ones, and some delightfully new prices (all cakes are now the same price! Classic and Deluxe have become one!):

strawberry short street
fresh strawberries baked in to a sour cream pound cake with strawberry cream cheese icing.

caramel apple cake
our signature cake. fresh apples baked in a brown sugar cake covered in caramel cream cheese icing.

triple chocolate ganache
deep dark chocolate cake frosted with whipped ganache then topped with melted ganache.

carrot spice cake
carrots, walnuts, and raisins baked with 5 spices and covered in cream cheese icing.

classic coconut cake
coconut white cake iced with coconut cream cheese icing and covered in toasted coconut.

mardi gras queen cake
pineapple white cake soaked in bourbon, drizzled with coconut pecan topping. saucy!

raspberry almond white cake
rich almond white cake with a crushed raspberry filling and almond buttercream icing. (vegan or buttery.)

georgia hummingbird cake
Pineapple, pecans, banana, and strawberries baked in a vanilla cake topped with cream cheese icing.

pumpkin spice cake
rich spiced butter cake with cream cheese icing.

aunt tissy’s italian cream cake
buttermilk coconut cake, with pecan cream cheese icing

raspberry white chocolate cake
fresh raspberries baked in sour cream pound cake and covered in white chocolate buttercream icing.

vegan lemondrop cake
vegan white cake with lemon zest and a vegan lemon cream cheese icing.

ashevelvet cake
red velvet the way it was meant to be. brown.

blueberry lemon cream
Light lemon cake with blueberry cream cheese icing

german chocolate cake
a light chocolate butter cake with a coconut and pecan topping

vegan vanilla
our classic pound cake, without the eggs or dairy. your choice of one add-on ingredient

peach cake
rich vanilla, sweet peaches.

vegan deep dark chocolate cake
rich, silken chocolate layer cake.

mexican chocolate cake
deep dark chocolate cake, with cayenne and cinnamon added.

banana pudding cake
vanilla cake baked with banana, filled with vanilla custard and garnished with vanilla wafers. available in vegan or buttery.

minis: $1
cupcakes: $2
small round cake (2-layer 6-inch): $18
medium round cake (2-layer 8-inch): $22
large round cake (3-layer 9-inch): $38
quarter sheet cake (2-layer): $40
half sheet cake (2-layer): $75
whole sheet cake (2-layer): $125

add-on items:
fruit filling
additional ingredient
small: $5
medium: 8
large: $10
¼ sheet cake: $12
½ sheet cake: $15
full sheet cake: $18

prices include personalized message.
most orders can be filled within 48 hours.