This weekend is the biggest yet. I know I keep saying that, but its always true, because it keeps getting bigger. Tomorrow I have one wedding, and Sunday I have two, but one is in Winston-Salem. For 350 guests. Vegan.
So I took the bull by the horns, bought a bunch of new tools, pans, and gear, rented Blue Ridge Food Ventures for the weekend, and hired staff. A little planning goes a long way, and today was awesome, and fun, and oh-so-productive.

So here’s some pictures from our first day of the biggest wedding weekend of 2008. Notice all the huge ovens. The copious speed racks. The stainless steel tables. The MIXERS.
I covet.
I do.

This is Eileen.

Eileen is a star. Artist, framer, (as in, she frames pictures, she’s good at it, you should hire her) mom, grandma, and occasional Short Street Caker, Eileen is my steady when I need a hand. Me and Eileen go way back, to 1997, from back in the Pennsyltucky days. Lucky for me, Eileen moved here about a year before we did. Lucky for me, too, Eileen spent 7 years working for a caterer in Pennsytucky working huge events, including delivering wedding cakes. So when I say steady, I mean, nothing phases her, she’s seen it all, she doesn’t balk at the craziness of this work. And we get nice and silly together, too, in the way only two people who have been through the odyssey of fear that is delivering 4 wedding cakes in a weekend can.

And here is Ashley:

Today was Ashley’s first day. Ashley did a great job and she’s just about as cute as a damn button. She was really excited about baking, about working with the big mixers, and about wearing the cat apron her mom made her. Ashley’s a songwriter and a musician. I haven’t heard any of her music yet but I bet when I do she’ll be my favorite and I will be telling y’all all about it. And best of all: Ashley lives on Short Street! (And because Ashley couldn’t work tomorrow, there’s ANOTHER resident of Short Street coming to work with us, and I totally didn’t plan it that way! Short Street Cakes, indeed.)

And then, of course, there is moi.

Your cake lady, the one who keeps you in sugar, the one who loves you the best.

I’ll be in touch about how the biggest wedding weekend of 2008 goes.