OK, friends, its that time again. Time for the monthly Walk-In Movies behind the Bledsoe Building in West Asheville! This month the feature is TJ Wiedow's "Golden Blade III." Here's some of the synopsis from the website:

Bloody Monkey Pictures Presents
Golden Blade III ­ Return of the Monkey's Uncle

Because in the Eighties, when most of us (the Writers and Crew), were TV kids, they had this program called Saturday Kung-Fu Theater, that most of us watched religiously. Now, as adults, we want to create the first all-digital spoof Kung-Fu movie that truly pays homage to the "classic" Kung-Fu flicks we hold so dear to our youth, when cheap video games and bad movie effects were still awesome and fun. We have already created Golden Blade II, and it can be seen as a Quicktime movie on the internet. Here are a few classic elements we will be incorporating into the film:
A Magic Sword
Ridiculous Eyebrows on Masters
The Classic Market Fight Scene
Bad Speling And Grammer in Subtitles (you read nice like fine print on chopstick package)
Comical Characters
Asian Costumes and Sets
Scenic Natural Locations
Super Hero/Supernatural Kung Fu Styles
Out of Sync Voice Dubbing
Overdone Fight Scene Sound Effects
The Quintessential Master and Student Get Drunk Scene
Rebel Uprising Against Evil Rulers (The Wangs)
The Age Old Lesson That Fighting Leads Only to Destruction

OK, the fun starts at Dusk, Don't bring your dogs or coolers, buy some beer and, of course, cupcakes.