It’s so good to be back in the shop, rocking wedding season like a champ. Here’s some pictures of this weekend’s weddings: all FOUR of them! Correction: I neglected to take pictures at Tashi and Meredith’s beautiful gathering, because I was so happy I forgot to.

First, I was all like, Imma bring this cake to Lake Eden.

Then, I was like, Here you go, Greenville! Here’s a vegan Peach Cake for ya!
(I think its still pretty even though I had to take the pictures in the walk-in cooler at the Poinsett Hotel)

And then, well- actually this wedding was the first of the day- these cupcakes went to a lovely mountaintop wedding in Old Fort.

And then we feasted at Tashi and Meredith’s Wedding! Big love, Asheville (and evirons) xo!