I am happy to announce that when all 8 million of you call this year and ask if we make King Cake for Mardi Gras, the answer will be yes! We made our first King Cakes this year for the Mystic Mountain Krewe Twelfth Night Celebration at MoDaddy’s! Mystic Mountain is the largest Mardi Gras Krewe in Asheville, and the one that hosts the ever-growing parade. For the many new residents of Asheville that are here as a result of the Katrina diaspora, Mardi Gras represents more than the beginning of lent or an reason to party, it is a celebration of the enduring beauty of New Orleans culture. To that end, we would like you to know that our all-natural, made from scratch King Cakes are available now through February 16th. Our version is the traditional sweetened yeast dough, includes a sweet cream filling and a pecan praline filling, has the traditional baby hidden inside, is frosted with a white icing glaze, and topped with the Short Street signature hot pink Mardi Gras beads! That’s what I’m talking about.
Ahem. Anyway, the party was lovely, and the babies chose Asheville’s new King and Queen: Michael Parker and Laura Holland. Here’s some pictures of the festivities (and the king cake) that I blatently stole off of the Asheville Citizen-Times website (thanks, y’all!):
The King Cake:

The Queen (center, in pink) and her court:

Last year’s King (left) with the newly crowned one:

This is all just so mythological- don’t get me started on the pagan traditions of king sacrifice and “what it all means.” Just send me your pictures of twelfth night if you have them (I also will not get started on the six-month long saga of my camera repair, or lack thereof) and know that King Cakes are available with two days notice from the Cake Shop at the same prices as our layer cakes: $38 for a Large (which serves 25) or $22 for a Medium (which serves 15). King Cake is not available gluten-free or vegan. I mean, c’mon, really.